Tropicana Beach Cafe

Header Tropicana Beach Cafe

Lunch at the Tropicana Beach Cafe, March 11th 2013
We had a scheduled lunch meeting at the Tropicana and we were very curious about the Beach Café. We had heard some mixed reviews about it so this was our chance to find out the truth about the establishment.

We requested a table outside on the patio overlooking the Tropicana garden. The location of the Tropicana Beach Cafe is a big added bonus. The Tropicana garden looks beautiful and you can hear the water splashing down the waterfall while enjoying the Vegas weather in the sun (or shade, whatever you prefer). Our server was friendly and talkative.

As a starter we got two portions of macaroni and cheese poppers ($18). We ordered our drinks and started our meeting. After about five minutes our server returned, took our meal orders and brought us the mac and cheese poppers. We ordered the Chicken Caesar Wrap ($12) with a Caprese Side Salad ($6) and the Southwest Chicken Crunch Salad ($15). After about 20 minutes our meal was served, during these 20 minutes our server returned twice to check if we needed anything. Nothing to complain there.

When our meals were served we were impressed by the size of the portions. The Southwest Chicken Crunch Salad was huge, looked good and tasted even better! The salad was crispy and fresh, the dressing to die for. And the salad had a large amount of crunchy chicken bites. It was without a doubt a full meal. We decided on the spot to come back soon and enjoy another meal here.

On first sight, the Chicken Caesar Warps appeared to be small but after having a closer look at the fillings we had to reconsider. Another full meal. When we finished our meal (and feeling completely stuffed and satisfied) our server suggested their great Chocolate Layer Cake ($7). It would be a large portion for one so he suggested we’d share. Boy was he right. Within a couple of minutes he returned with the Chocolate Layer Cake. It was big enough to feed 3 adults, especially after the full meal we just had. This was one of the best chocolate cakes we ever had and believe us, we had our fair share of chocolate cake! It was delicious, we ate more than we could really handle.

Long story short: this dining experience was out of this world! Sitting outside in the sun, overlooking this beautiful garden, enjoying great food and ditto company is something we’re happy to recommend any day of the week. So try it when you have the chance. Until then, enjoy the pictures.



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