Las Vegas Weather

If we would have to describe the weather in Las Vegas in one sentence it would be something like this:

‘If the weather in Vegas is bad, wait 15 minutes”

Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert. So that gives you a good idea of what kind of weather you can expect. You will experience the different seasons because average temperatures change throughout the year and some months can be pretty windy (March, April and November). During winter you could actually experience some snow once in a while. Because of Las Vegas’ desert location, air humidity is very low. When you take average temperatures in consideration, the best months to visit Las Vegas are April, May, September and October. At least, that’s if you enjoy sunshine, summer temperatures and some pool time.

We suggest you always bring a vest or something else to cover your neck when travelling to Vegas. We can just imagine you asking yourself why…..Well, during the warm months of the year most of the casinos have their AC units working at maximum capacity. On some occasions the AC in the casinos could almost blow you of your seat.

Montly average temperatures Average

High (F)


Low (F)


High (C)


Low (C)

January 58 36 14 2
February 63 42 17 6
March 69 46 21 8
April 78 52 25 11
May 88 63 31 17
June 99 72 37 22
July 105 79 41 26
August 102 77 39 25
September 94 71 34 22
October 82 56 28 13
November 67 44 19 7
December 57 36 14 2

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