IMG_1742Paris, Milan, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, all these cities are well known shopping destinations. The latest haute couture, the most exquisite jewelry, designer purses, the latest fashion in sunglasses, the most beautiful shoes, you can find it all in one of these cities. BUT have you ever thought about Las Vegas as one of the premier shopping destinations of the world? No? Well you should!

Las Vegas offers a wide variety of shops and malls. From high end, very exclusive boutiques to stores offering the best bargains (and everything in between). You can walk into a Ross ‘Dress for Less’ store to buy a pair of jeans for less than $20 and just cross the street and buy a $5000 Louis Vuitton bag.

Especially for people from Europe, visiting Las Vegas to do some shopping can be a very sensible choice. Generally, clothes and shoes are a lot more expensive in Europe. Book a Vegas vacation and build in your own little shopping spree. You’ll have so much fun. You’ll be able to buy everything you need at lower prices than you’re used to or you’ll just buy more for the same money you’d spend at home. Please tell us what’s not great about that?

We have listed a number of great Las Vegas shopping locations for you in this section of our website. It is possible that the list of shops you can find at a certain mall isn’t always 100% accurate. Please don’t shoot us for it. We try to keep our website up-to-date the best way we can but in large shopping malls, stores/brands tend to come and go before you know it.