Steakhouse at Camelot


The Steakhouse at Camelot inside Excalibur Hotel & Casino
This is going to be a rather short review. We joined a couple of friends for dinner at the Camelot Steakhouse. They had eaten there before and liked the food. We already had a big lunch that day so we didn’t really feel like having a large meal. When we walked into the restaurant we weren’t really impressed with the decor. The restaurant was pretty dark and the furniture looked
like they borrowed it from the set of “That 70’s Show”.

Our waiter was friendly but one you would expect at “Flo’s Diner”. We got our menus and we ordered our drinks. Within a couple of minutes our waiter returned with our drinks and took our meal order. We decided to try one of the chef’s specialties; the Flame Grilled Angus Burger topped with spiced bbq jumbo shrimp & lump crab chipotle slaw.

We enjoyed the company of our friends and were having a good time. After our friends finished their starters we waited for about 15 minutes when our burgers were served. There was a huge pile of the lump crab chipotle slaw on top of the burger. In our opinion it was a little too much. We didn’t really like the slaw. It had a bit of a sour taste and a stale smell to it. The Angus beef Burger on the other hand was very tasty. It was grilled perfectly and the bread tasted fresh. Judging by the quality of the meal we thought $20 was pretty expensive for just a burger. Total bill was $55, tip included. We’ve had better meals in food courts for less than half of what we paid at Camelot.

There’s really nothing fancy about Camelot Steakhouse. In our opinion it’s middle of the road at best. The Camelot Steakhouse is one of the top level dining options at Excalibur which basically tells you not to go to Excalibur if you’re looking for fine dining.


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