Las Vegas Books

Las  Vegas has a lot of interesting stories to tell. A history filled with mob interference, a variety of people moving to the city to start a new life, great gambling tales and a fascinating (sad) “subculture” of homeless people who live in the city’s sewer system. We love to read books that involve every aspect of Vegas. We can think of few better things to do on a long flight to Vegas than reading an entertaining book. Like to spend some hours in the sun at the pool? Bring a book. Want to get away from all the action for a while and take some time to relax in your room? Read a book. On this page we’ll recommend some books about Las Vegas we really liked. Yes, we did read them all! Our flights to Vegas take about 12 hours and we stay for at least 8 days every trip. So we have enough time to relax at the pool.

Tales of the Mob running Las Vegas
We’ve always been fascinated by the history of Vegas. The city wouldn’t have been where it is now if it wasn’t for the Mob. Some longtime visitors even claim Las Vegas lost part of its charm since the Mob left. Well, we truly can’t comment on that because we weren’t around when the Mob was running the city. There are several books that tell you all there is to know about the key players, connected to the major Mob families, who called the shots in Vegas for several years. Skimming the casinos, burrying bodies in the desert, travelling around the country to deliver suitcases filled with money to the Mob bosses. Did you know that a number of Mobsters actually helped create the first Godfather movie? Here’s a selection of the books we’ve read about the history of the Mob in Las Vegas. We recommend each one of the titles in the gallery below. If you like reading and you like the subject, you won’t be disappointed!

Las Vegas, “the promissed land”
At some point in their lives many people want to try something new. They decide to radically change their lives and start all over again. In many occasions Las Vegas is the place where they want to start over. More than once, people have made the decision to move to Vegas for all the wrong reasons. They were having major difficulties in life, lost a job, accumulated debt, went through divorce and hoped to leave that all behind and start over in Vegas. The city is the number one tourist destination in the world and the gambling industry has a lot of employment to offer. Even those with hardly any education have a shot at success in Vegas. Sounds tempting right? WRONG!

Many have tried to make it in Vegas and even more have failed. The city can be brutal for newcomers and several of them end up homeless in the streets of Vegas. Although these stories are sad they are part of everyday life in Vegas. So we’re always interested in reading books that cover this subject. Here’s a number of books we recommend reading if you’re into this kind of stuff.

True stories about gambling, sex, drugs and other forms of debauchery
Las Vegas, the city where almost anything goes. The place where people do what they normally wouldn’t do. There’s a reason the slogan “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was invented. We love to read exciting stories about road trips to Vegas, high roller gambling, taking the casino’s money through math based schemes and true Vegas style parties with way too much alcohol, drugs and sex. Call us crazy but we do seem to enjoy those stories very much. Here’s a couple of books you might enjoy as much as we did….

Las Vegas, where succes and crime are not far apart
Several individuals, visionairs, entrepeneurs changed the history of Las Vegas over and over again. People like Steve Wynn, Kirk Kerkorian and Howard Hughes had an impact on the development of Las Vegas that’s unparalelled. On the flip side, success and money attracts criminals who commit violent crimes for a variety of reasons. Las Vegas has a rich criminal history. Robberies, murders, rape, theft, people will do the most crazy stuff when they’ve hit rock bottom in Sin City. Since we’re a couple of “Vegas junkies” you won’t be surprised that these stories highly intrigue us. So here’s another couple of interesting books for you to read!


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