We’re truly blessed with a bunch of fine people we’ve met during the last decades. People from all around the world with completely different backgrounds, educations, jobs and day to day lives. Still we connected somehow and got along great. Some of them we met through our mutual love for Las Vegas. We couldn’t have created this website on our own. We’ve learned so much about Las Vegas (and life in general) from a number of people that we would like to publicly thank them for the difference they have made in our lives. We might not see eachother every month or year, we do communicate often (thank God for internet, social media, skype, etc.)!

Thank you to our great friends from the USA: Dale & Chris Sherman, Terrie & Willie Anthony, Chris & Cindy Anthony, Greg & Debbie Anthony, Jane Aikey, Lori Rosenblatt, Glenda Marisol Coronado, Emmariz Acedo, Brandon & Nicole Marshall, Skye Dee Miles, Claire Gentile, Pat & Lee Gabree, Gary Libby and Darrin Rowlands. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you guys and an even greater pleasure to meet eachother in Vegas!

Website Contributions
Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and help with collecting all the info we need Terrie & Willie Anthony, Jane Aikey and Glenda Marisol Coronado. Also a big shout out to our Dutch crew: Maarten Vos just for being the Vegas nut that you are, Richard Gans for helping us out with reviews and Giovanni & Christel Polo for providing us with a large number of incredible pictures for our website. We really appreciate all you guys do for us!

Special Thanks
Thank you to Skye Dee Miles for being the incredible artist you are. More important, you are a wonderful person and one of the reasons we enjoy coming to Vegas so much. Love ya Black Sunshine!!

Thank you to Nicole Marshall for being the wonderful person you are. We connected at the first moment we met. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done and continue to do for us. Your blogs on our website are gems and we continue to look forward to every one of your contributions to

And last but not least….
We’d like to thank Kotton Kandy (Kotton with a K, Kandy with a K) because people………. let’s get real for a moment. Isn’t Kotton Kandy the real reason we come to Vegas????


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