IMG_2107Las Vegas was built on gambling. Nowadays, gambling is just one of the many reasons for visiting the city. Still, most Las Vegas visitors gamble a little or a lot during their stay. Let’s be honest here, gambling is part of the Vegas experience and it will always be. You don’t necessarily have to be a high roller to enjoy Vegas. You’ll be able to find entertaining gambling opportunities for every budget. Penny to multiple dollar slot machines, videopoker, keno, craps, blackjack, poker, baccarat, Vegas has it all and more….

When we’re in Vegas we like to play a little here and there. We’re no heavy gamblers but we consider it entertainment. Take the free drinks and the people watching into account and an evening of gambling turns into an evening of great fun. And what’s better than ending your gambling session with a slight buzz from all the cocktails and a nice win at the tables or machines.