Players Clubs

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How about joining those players clubs?
Joining one ore more players clubs can seriously reduce the total cost of your stay, the money you spend on shows, restaurants and souvenirs. These loyalty programs are designed to increase your ……………… loyalty: SURPRISE!!

Seriously, when the city’s got its grip on you, you’ll come back to her again and again. When you use your players club cards everywhere you can and concentrate your play to one players club or resort group (like CET of MGM) you might receive some great benefits. Comped rooms, free meals, show tickets or free limo rides, everything is possible! When you add up the value of all the free or discounted stuff you get, it’s very well possible Las Vegas turns out to be a cheaper destination than you thought.

We never recommend joining a players club online. Go to the players club booths at different resorts when you’re in town. Most of the time you’ll get a specific promo, discount, gift or free play for joining the players club on site. Generally, you won’t get those deals when subscribing online. Some players clubs actually reimburse (part of) your gambling losses when you first join so some shopping around can be useful. There are restrictions connected to those reimbursement deals so take the time to read the fine print.

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