Hash House a Go Go

Hash House

A couple of years ago friends suggested we should give Hash House a go go a try. We hadn’t heard from it until then and we’re always open to suggestions. Hash House a go go was founded in Nevada and has several locations in Las Vegas. We went to the location inside the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino (now The LINQ Resort & Casino) at the Las Vegas Strip because that was the only location we knew about at that time. We were seated immediately and got our menus and a first drink. Our waiter was very friendly and helpful. We took some time to look at the menu since all we knew about what to expect was “Twisted Farm Food” (whatever that means…).

After having a good look at the menu we decided the Big O’ Chicken Pot Pie looked mighty fine. When our waiter returned we ordered two of these dishes and received a blank stare in return. After a couple of seconds our waiter responded “first timers right?”. He explained their regular portions were rather large and that it would be best to order one of these dishes, share it and have a Caesar Salad as a side dish. Now, just to be clear about this, we can handle our food and large portions doesn’t scare us away. But, we decided to take his advice and see what would happen. Boy was he right!!

Our food was brought to us within 20 minutes and the size of this Big O’ Chicken Pot Pie was close to scary. How in earth were we going to eat all this food. Even the salad was huge. We started our dinner and the temperature and taste of the food was great. The vegetables tasted fresh and crispy and the sauce was delicious. Our waiter dropped by several times during the meal to check if we were doing ok. We ate all we could but we simply couldn’t eat it all. It was too much food. We thoroughly enjoyed our first meal and decided to come back soon. Total bill for food, drinks and a 20% tip was $40 for the two of us. A bargain in our opinion.

A couple of days later we returned, prepaired for what to expect. We ordered the Sage Fried Chicken Penne Pasta and a salad on the side. Again the service was great and we didn’t have to wait long to get our food. This time we were able to eat all the food but we were stuffed completely. The taste was good and the bill was $40 again, tip included.

To make a long story short: Hash House a go go serves great food considering the price you pay. It is what it is so don’t expect fancy dining, candles or a piano player. You get a decent meal for a reasonable price and eating there is an experience on its own. Hash House a go go has several locations in Las Vegas.

For more info, visit http://www.hashhouseagogo.com









One thought on “Hash House a Go Go

  1. I also love Hash House A Go Go (especially the one located at the Linq). Service is great and when you get your food you just have to take a picture of it. It doesn’t just taste good, it looks awesome as well. Tip; they also have fried green tomatoes….it’s not on the menu and it’s a seasonal dish so you have to ask for it (I think the serve it from August until October but I’m not sure) but wow it’s worth it. I normally don’t even like tomatoes, hard to imagine right? Anyhow, it’s a chicken with goat cheese dish with fried green tomatoes and it tastes awesome!


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