Riding The Deuce

Deuce header

There are buses driving up and down Las Vegas Boulevard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Deuce route goes from the South Strip Transfer Terminal to the Fremont Street Experience. The Deuce (besides walking) is probably the cheapest way to get around. BUT you do have to have a lot of patience because the Deuce is slow, slow, slow. Slower than a snail on a Monday morning hangover. Why is it slow you ask? Because it stops about every quarter mile in each direction.

On a busy day it can take you an hour to get you from Fremont Street to the Strip or the other way around. We tried it once and made sure to never ride the Deuce again. Waiting for it can take forever because when the Deuce is filled to capacity, they will drive by and make you wait for the next one. When you eventually get into the bus chances are you have to stand because there’s already more people in it than seats. Since it’s public transportation you’ll sometimes find some questionable characters riding the bus, especially in the middle of the night. We don’t recommend riding the Deuce during cold nights, because homeless people have been known to ride the Deuce up and down Las Vegas Boulevard to stay out of the cold. The Deuce keeps them warm.

We’re not saying the Deuce is a waste of money all together but do try to be realistic about what to expect. The buses are airconditioned. On a warm and sunny day it’s a good option for short rides IF the waiting time to get on the bus is short. This all depends on how busy the Las Vegas Strip is at that time.

Fares and Passes

2-Hour Pass 24-Hour Pass 3-Day Pass 30-Day Pass
$6 $8 $20 $65

Click here to go to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) website.


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