Ellis Island


Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
During a 2012 trip to Las Vegas some local friends brought the restaurant at Ellis Island to our attention. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery is located at Koval Lane on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s known as a locals place and famous for their breakfast and steak specials. After having heard so many good reviews about the restaurant we decided to give it a try. We weren’t expecting something fancy but a cheap quality meal. And that’s exactly what we got.

We arrived at 10 a.m. and the place was packed, that’s always a good sign. Since it was very busy we expected it would take some time before we were seated. We only had to wait 5 minutes before the waitress walked us to our table. She brought us the menu, fresh coffee and orange juice right away and returned within 5 minutes to get our order. We ordered a pancake, scrambled eggs & bacon breakfast and a meat lovers skillet with baked potatoes, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.

We talked for a good 10 minutes when our breakfast was served. Two large plates filled with food. The portion was big considering the fact it was breakfast. The food was hot and prepaired perfectly. The taste was great and we really enjoyed our meal. In fact, we enjoyed our meal so much we went back two days later. So if you’re looking for decent low priced food, Ellis Island is the place to go. Again, don’t expect haute cuisine type of food. Don’t expect silver spoons, top chefs or fancy dining. You’ve picked the wrong place if you’re looking for that kind of experience at Ellis Island. Our total bill (tip included) was close to $25. A great deal for a big meal, coffee and orange juice.


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