Random Gambling Pictures

Gambling is part of the fun when visiting Vegas (or at least in our minds it is). We’re no high rollers but we do like to play a little here and there. We play slots mainly because it gives us the opportunity to chat a little about our day as well. Having some private conversations is not going to work when you’re playing table gaming with people you don’t know. You want to concentrate on the game and you don’t want to be a nusance to the other people at the table. With slots there’s not really much to consider. There’s no skill involved. You push the buttons, enjoy a cocktail, have a conversation and just enjoy yourselves.

Now, gambling in Vegas is not always going to be a succesful activity. Chances are you’re going to lose. They didn’t build all those beautiful resorts on a losing proposition. We’ve included some great gambling stories where we ended the night as winners. It’s not really interesting to share stories about losing now is it?

We’ve also had numerous nights in Vegas where we played for some time not losing or winning much. During those nights we still caught some nice prizes that are worth mentioning/showing. Have a look at the gallery below for our random slot machine hits. We don’t have detailed stories about those hits since they were part of gambling sessions that overall weren’t really remarkable. We still hope you enjoy them nevertheless.


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