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The Right Moment for a Complaint (2015/28/01)

When I worked in hotel operations, I would hate it when people would wait to complain at the very end of their stay. There’s nothing I can do at the end of your stay to make anything better, just apologize and possibly offer for you to come back. But you can’t always expect someone to offer you a free stay or free meal when you complain. If you complain at the very end, then you have excepted the poor service or poor quality of the item. The idea of complaining at the end is just to let them fix it for the next person, you’re pretty much telling them you have already excepted the fact that it was ruined for you. I am a firm believer that if you want anything fixed for you, whether it be the quality of the hotel room or a meal or even service you were getting at a show, you need to tell somebody right away. You have to give them a chance to fix it. If they can’t fix whatever the problem is, then you have every right to expect a refund or other compensation.

I went to the Thomas and Mack at UNLV to see Disney on Ice. I know that I booked the cheap seats, and I’m okay with that. We like sitting in the balcony because we get to see everything. I noticed that when we went to get up at intermission that my feet were sticking to the ground. Having been there for many performances, I knew this was not the norm. I could have said nothing and complained later, but that would have done me no good at all and I am determined to raise my daughter to understand that if she pays for something, she deserves to get what she paid for. We don’t accept the ground so dirty that our feet stick. I mentioned something and not only did they apologize and admit they did not have time to clean the balcony floors between the day and night performances, they made it right by taking us to the front row for the second half of the show! That more than made up for the sticky floor and my daughter was threw the moon and so was I. The seats we had were $30 seats. The seas I got were $130 seats. Much better than a partial refund or free ticket for another show.

It goes to show you what can happen when you give a company a chance to make up for what’s wrong while you are still there.

Shake Shack, Just a Hype or is it really That Good? (2015/02/13)

As soon as I heard that Shake Shack was opening in Las Vegas, I got really really excited. Not because I’ve had any first-hand experience with the restaurant but because a lot of my East Coast friends say how awesome it is. So I watched and I waited and I waited and I watched and finally it opened at New York New York Hotel & Casino. The lines were a tad ridiculous at first so I waited until last night to go.

It’s on the corner of New York New York near Monte Carlo on the outside, and you can only get to the restaurant from the outside. I like this because it means there’s no contamination from the smoke in the casino. When you first walk up, there is some outside seating and you see that there’s two lines: one for us regular folks and then another line if you have a high ranking players card with MGM resorts. Needless to say, there was no one in the players card line. There were about eight people in front of me but I was only in line for maybe five minutes. They did a really good job of working you through the line. The first thing you see on the inside is a giant menu board that list alcohol burgers, hotdogs, fries and their Concretes, which are like their Blizzards. I got really excited over the concrete as everyone talks about how amazing they are. So I ordered a special one that used vanilla custard, banana cheesecake and chocolate covered toffee. For the Concrete, one soda, a cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger and two french fries it came to $30. A bit pricey for fast food but I had high hopes so I was willing to pay.

The ambience is really fun, and they even have a glittery hamburger on display. When the buzzer went off telling me my food was ready I pretty much slipped on my drool on the way to the counter. And that’s where my amazing experience ended.

The french fries are Chris cut fries and deep-fried. I didn’t taste anything special or amazing about them. My hamburger was so salty I couldn’t taste anything. Really, I couldn’t taste the meet, the cheese, their special spread, or the bun, all I could taste was salt. The lettuce was limped and had the texture of cooked spinach. I was so disappointed in the french fries and burger. I turned my attention to the Concrete and that was a bigger disappointment. The custard itself was really good but nothing was mixed in. The banana cheesecake and toffee pieces were just thrown on top and they were very big bites. Neither of which tasted particularly good on their own. Months and months and months of waiting and this was one of the biggest letdowns I have ever had. The soda was good. If I was thirsty I might go back for a soda. Maybe. Probably not.