Roxy’s Diner

Header Roxy's Diner

Roxy’s Diner at The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, March 2013
Roxy’s diner is one of these places where you’ll find a basic menu, bright colours, burgers with fries and other low cost dining options. We decided to have dinner there since we heard good things about it. So, it was about time for us to check it out. It’s a trip back in time since it looks like a classic American diner with a Rock and Roll vibe.

Roxy’s was filled to about half of its capacity when we arrived. We were seated immediately, got our menu and our drink order was taken right away. Our drinks were delivered within a minute and our server Jimmy gave us some time to have a look at the menu. Roxy’s has a very nice regular offer, when you order an entrée, you can order a soup or salad on the side for only $1.99.

After a couple of minutes Jimmy returned and we placed our order: Claire Sinclair Burger with fries and a Caesar Salad on the side ($12.99 + $1.99), Bacon and Cheese Burger with fries and a Chicken Noodle Soup on the side ($11.99 + $1.99).

Within 2 minutes after we placed our order, our ‘starters’ were served. The Caesar Salad was fresh and tasty (but then again, you can’t really screw up a Caesar Salad). The Chicken Noodle Soup was better than expected. There were sufficient pieces of chicken in it, the noodles were cooked the right way and the noodle soup had the right amount of salt. Only remark, it could have been a little warmer since we like our soup hot.

While finishing our starters one of the staff members (Candy) treated us to a live performance of the song “why do fools fall in love”. Candy was actually very talented and a good singer. The live entertainment is a nice addition to your dining experience. We finished our starters and our empty plates were taken from our table within a couple of minutes. Almost directly after that our burgers were served. So one thing you can say about Roxy’s for sure: they are fast!

We had a couple of tasty burgers, no dry meat. The fries were crispy and fresh and had just the right amount of salt. Our only complaint would be about the buns. They were nothing to write home about and rather dry. Changing to higher quality buns will improve the dinner significantly. All in all, we had a very satisfying dinner and wouldn’t mind coming back at all. The total bill was $45 ($38 without the tip).


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