Trip Reports

Red Rock CanyonWe try to visit Las Vegas two times a year. But this all depends on a the right circumstances. Is air fare reasonable? How about the offers we received? Are they worth booking a trip? Are some of our friends planning a trip to Vegas so we can be there at the same time? Are there any upcoming interesting events? New shows we want to see? Is the exchange rate euro to dollar working in our advantage? Can we get the time off from work? A lot of things to take into consideration. But most years we seem to find a way to visit Vegas twice.

We always like reading other people’s Vegas trip reports. It’s nice to read about the adventures others have. We also get a lot of ideas for shows to go see, restaurants we should try or games we should play. Based on what others write and recommend we often choose what’s going to be on the itinery of our next trip. We imagine we’re not the only ones who are like that. So that’s why we thought it would be nice (and helpful) if we would share our trip reports with you. You hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate our stories…..