WoF @ Tropicana

Wheel of Fortune
A nice birthday present

The Wheel of Fortune machine is a very popular machine. We always love walking into the terminal at McCarran airport at arrival and hearing the sounds: plung plung plung……..WHEEL……OF……FORTUNE……

We stayed at the Tropicana during this trip and in the early morning of our last full day in Vegas we decided to take care of our room charges at the front desk. We were scheduled for a red eye flight out of Las Vegas the next morning and we didn’t feel like being stuck at the front desk in the middle of the night paying our bill on our way out. So at 8 a.m. we walked down to the hotel lobby and paid our dues.

We had $20 left and on our way back to our hotel room we passed a bank of $1 Wheel of Fortune machines. We decided then and there to donate our $20 bill to one of these machines. Heck, it was only $20, we might get lucky.

We picked the left machine opposite of the Tropicana Lounge Bar and inserted the $20. We pressed max bet for $2 a spin and the first 5 spins paid nothing. On the 6th spin we got a SPIN symbol on the 3rd reel. BONUS time! The wheel spinned and spinned and stopped at $30. Well, we were up $10, not bad.

Since we only invested $20 we decided to play until we hit it big or lose the $20. We played for a while and got a couple of bonus spins which kept us playing. We had about $80 so we were doing ok when we got another bonus spin. That’s when this day started to move in the right direction. The wheel started spinning. It seemed to take forever and then………….the machine stopped at $400. What a way to start the day after just paying $600 in room charges (yeah yeah, we know. We had too much to drink at the pool this trip).

We played a little longer but since we didn’t get any bonus spins we decided to put our $400 win in our pocket.
8:30 am first mission of the day accomplished. We went back to our room and got ready to have some breakfast. We went out the door, had breakfast, went to see Sigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, did some souvenir shopping and returned to the Tropicana at 2:00 pm.

We had some time to kill until dinner so we brought our purchases back to our room. We decided to walk back to the casino and play a little. We had $400 more in our pocket than expected so we could give it another try before our scheduled dinner with friends. We had a lot of fun earlier winning the $400 on the Wheel of Fortune machine so we decided to play the same machine again. We agreed about the budget and decided to “invest” $100. We fed the machine $40 and nothing happend. The money was gone in a couple of minutes. We donated another $40 and when we were down to the last $10 we got a bonus spin. We won $40 on that bonus round so that kept us playing for a little longer. We got a number of small $4, $6 and $10 prizes and at some point we were back to our original balance of $80.

After losing $20 again (within seconds) we got a bonus spin and that’s when it happend again. The machine stopped at $400 for the second time during the day. Hello $800 dollar profit!!!!

We cashed out again and kept our winnings. We were planning to come back to Vegas soon and this win just increased our bankroll for our next trip. Great way to end our vacation filled with fun, sun, drinking, eating and gambling in Las Vegas.


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