Introduction SNHD

SNHD1Southern Nevada Health District
There’s hundreds and hundreds of different restaurants in Las Vegas so making a choice about where to go can be quite a challenge. Las Vegas has a global kitchen so you can eat Japanese today, Italian tomorrow and Armenian food the next day. In other words: you can try something new every day and it will take you a couple of years to try out all the different foods the city has to offer.

We don’t know how you normally judge a restaurant before eating there but we are tended to trust the opinions and experiences of those that went before us. So we read online reviews in preparation for our next Vegas trip or we do a quick search on the internet while we’re in Vegas and planning dinner for the night. Now taste can’t be argued. You and I could evaluate a dinner completely different. You might have hated it while I loved the food. So while considering a restaurant you have to look at different things than food alone. If the majority opinion is that the food is terrible, we probably don’t have to explain to you it’s wise not to go there. But there’s other things to look at:

  • What’s your first impression of the place looking at it from the outside?
  • How many people are inside and would you expect a lot of customers at that time during the day?
  • Are the windows clean and does the paint look fresh?
  • How does the restaurant staff look (shoes, clothes, hands, nails, face)?
  • Are the restrooms clean? (big indicator for overall hygiene. If the restrooms are very dirty we suggest you run!)

Well, the things we mentioned above are pretty much impossible to check when you’re at home behind your computer. So a good way to check if a Las Vegas restaurant meets the hygiene standards is to have a look at the Southern Nevada Health District’s inspection reports. They regularly and randomly check Las Vegas restaurants and all their findings are public access.

So why don’t we make life a little easier for you? Want to check out some restaurants or buffets? Go ahead and have a look at the SNHD’s inspection reports here.


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