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Meet the History Channel’s Pawn Stars
The History Channel reality show Pawn Stars has brought worldwide fame to the Las Vegas pawn shop, located at 713 South Las Vegas Boulevard, between the Stratosphere Casino & Hotel and Downtown Las Vegas.

Meet the “Old Man”, Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison (aka Big Hoss) and Austin Russel (aka Chumlee). What to expect when you go there:

Well, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop isn’t exactly located in the most fancy part of the city. Actually, it’s located in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Las Vegas. We certainly wouldn’t advise you to go there by yourself after dark. But during the day it’s pretty safe to go there, but be prepared! There’s a big chance you’ll be standing outside for some time, waiting in line to get in. So make sure you bring bottled water and wear a hat or a cap when the sun is shining and the temperature is high. You don’t want to get dehydrated, especially when you have been drinking the night before.

Don’t expect to just walk in and shake hands with Chumlee, Rick, Big Hoss or the Old Man. Since they achieved worldwide fame they’re not around all the time. They travel through the country a lot for interviews, appearances, and other gigs. And and soon as you have the opportunity to get in you’ll see exactly what you’d expect: a pawn shop.

They have some beautiful, rare, collectible items but you can also find a lot of Pawn Stars merchandise like Chumlee T-shirts, shot glasses and books. You absolutely have to visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop at least once if you’re a fan of the show.
Here’s some contact info that might be useful to you:


Ebay seller: goldsilverpawn

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