Panda Express


Panda Express
There’s a large number of Panda Express locations in Las Vegas. The Chinese dishes they offer are the same at every location but nevertheless there’s a difference in quality between all of these locations. We were not impressed with the Panda Express at the Show Case Mall on Las Vegas Boulevard between MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood. The same goes for the Panda Express location at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. At some of these locations there’s not enough traffic and as a result the food gets stale.

In 2012 they opened a franchise in the small shopping mall on the northeast corner of Harmon & Las Vegas Boulevard. This is the location we like the most. We’ve enjoyed quick meals there several times since this location opened and every time the place was clean, the food was fresh and the staff friendly. Enjoy entrees like Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Mandarin Chicken, Beijing Beef, Peppercorn Shrimp, noodles and veggies. A complete meal with a soda will cost you between $7 and $10.


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