Monte Carlo Dinner Buffet

Eating at a breakfast buffet is pretty much a sure bet in Vegas. It’s hard to screw up breakfast cereals, yoghurts, fruit, bacon, scrambled eggs and sausages. I hope you all get what we’re trying to say here. Spending money on a dinner buffet is a little bit more of a gamble. The quality and taste of the different items all depends on the skill of the chef cooking the food. Buffets always offer dishes from all over the world. You’ll find traditional American, Italian and Asian food for example. Chefs at buffets have to be able to prepare all these different dishes as tasteful as specialized restaurants do. And in general they’re not!

Another thing you have to take into account is that buffets are about volume. Large quantities of food have to be prepared and served constantly. So buffet restaurants buy large amounts of vegetables and meat every day. And since buffets have to be reasonably priced you won’t always get the best quality food. So if you’re a genuine food critic many Vegas dinner buffets can turn out to be a disappointment.

We have had dinner at the Monte Carlo Dinner Buffet several times. We have never paid for this buffet since we’ve always been able to comp ourselves through the MyVegas Facebook game. The Buffet area at the Monte Carlo is well maintained and the staff does a good job keeping the restaurant clean. The Monte Carlo dinner buffet is one of the smaller buffets at the Strip. They serve a decent amount of different foods so chances are very small you won’t be able to find anything you like.

At the Monte Carlo Dinner Buffet you will be able to find cold salads, fresh vegetables, steak and seafood (like shrimp and clams). They also offer Asian food like fried rice, chow mein, spring rolls, Asian beef. There’s also a small selection of Mexican food, sushi, sandwiches, different meats and pizza.

We tried several items from the buffet. We can handle a decent amount of food but it was impossible for us to try everything. The fried shrimp and the garlic marinated shrimp were very good. Especially the garlic marinated shrimp were so tasty we went back for seconds. The green beans were cooked exactly how we like them: still a little crispy. We don’t like our green beans cooked to the point where they become watery/soggy/overcooked. These beans had a fresh taste like the broccoli and grilled corn. We also tried some of the Asian food which was mediocre. The spring rolls were disappointing. They were soggy and lacked flavor. The Asian beef was chewy, it wasn’t cooked long enough in our opinion. Good beef should fall apart when cooked right and long enough. The fried rice was ok and the chow mein was average. To be honest, Panda Express serves better Asian food. We also tried a piece of Turkey which was very nice. Not too dry.

The sausage and pizza that’s at the dinner buffet is the same as you’ll find at the breakfast buffet. The sausage is a little greasy but has a nice, spicy flavor. The pizza is not bad considering it’s buffet pizza. Thin crust, crispy with enough cheese and other toppings. It’s not the kind of pizza you’ll get at a traditional Italian restaurant or pizza place but it was better than we expected. Unfortunately, after trying all these different foods we were completely full. So we didn’t try any of the desserts although they looked pretty good. If the overall quality of the food is an indicator for the quality of the desserts, we’re pretty sure you’ll like most of the desserts too.

Looking back at the meals we’ve had at the Monte Carlo Dinner Buffet we can honestly say it’s a pretty good, middle of the road, buffet. If you are a buffet lover we can surely recommend it. If you’re not sure wether you’re the buffet type or not, see if you can find a coupon or 2-for-1 deal somewhere (or play the MyVegas game of Facebook and comp yourself) so you won’t be forced to pay full price to find out if you like it.


One thought on “Monte Carlo Dinner Buffet

  1. This review was sent to us by Nicole Marshall, Director of Sales at Staybridge Suites Las Vegas)

    I give this an 8 out of 10 for food and 10 out of 10 for service. When you go to a buffet, your expectations are based on what you pay. When you pay $50 a person, you expect to have 5-star dining and service. When you pay $23 a person, you expect to be full and not much else. Now, I know what you are saying. $23 a person is a lot. Not for Vegas, at least not anymore. $23 is a really good/low price for a dinner buffet. And I paid less than that!

    For $2.00 a person, I purchased the Tix4Tonight coupon voucher. What this entitled me to was the dinner buffet for half price. We showed up around 7pm and the wait was less than 5 minutes. The cashier was very friendly and didn’t give me the ‘Oh, you have a coupon” look. We were seated away from the casino, which I enjoy as I don’t particularly like to eat smoke with my food. My first impression was that I was getting what I paid for, a $13 buffet value. I also don’t like to get my own drink as you have to here. But…that did turn out to be a good thing as there was such a large variety of offerings, including dessert coffees.
    The buffet lines looked clean and all the food was appealing. Nothing seemed to have a film on it. There were even sandwiches, which is a nice touch when you are wanting to eat small. The butternut bisque was my favorite of the evening and the sushi came in a close second. My companion enjoyed the make-your-own pasta section and the meat carvings there were 6 different types of meats and all looked and tasted fresh.

    The best part of the evening was the service, though. They don’t have servers, they have bussers since you get your own drinks. I assume this is a way to pay them a bit less. Our busser was amazing! Plates were never left on our table for too long and we had plenty of napkins and friendly smiles. I watched him buss other tables and he was always happy even when he didn’t know anyone was looking. I was so impressed with his attitude I asked him to get a manager so I could tell the Manger how amazing he was. The Manager came over, reluctantly. This is the only part of the evening that seemed awkward. Even after I mentioned I wanted to compliment the staff and food, the Manager made it seem like I was interrupting him and then tried to make some weird chit-chat with us. I will definitely go back, with or without the coupon.


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