Hofbräuhaus LV

4510 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(across the street from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)

Hours of Operation
Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – midnight

The Hofbräuhas Las Vegas is an exact replica of the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. The original Hofbräuhaus is world famous for the Oktoberfest that takes place every year. Like the original establishment, Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas has an original German beer hall and restaurant. You will find an authentic German menu and traditional Bavarian entertainment. The waitresses are dressed in traditional dirndl dresses. In Europe the German cuisine is well respected. Germany is known for good food, decent portions and great beers and that’s exactly what we expected to find at Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas.

The front part of the restaurant/beer hall is were a live Bavarian band is playing every night. That part of the restaurant/beer hall can get pretty loud. But at the same time, it has that great, traditional Bavarian feel to it.  Since we were with a group of five, people who hadn’t seen each other in a while, we asked to be seated in the “garden” (which is the back part of the restaurant) where it’s a little quiter. We had some cathing up to do so now we’d at least have the chance to talk a little.

Our waitress took our drink order right away and handed us the menu. We received our drinks within 5 minutes and that was pretty fast considering the place was packed. We decided to order a starter and the Sausage Tower looked great. Pork, Turkey and Frankfurter sausages with some sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and bread pretzels. The sausages all had a lot of flavour and were exactly how you would get them in Germany. The bread pretzels were absolutely delicious. Great way to start a meal!

Our main courses were: the Riesen Fleischpflanzerl (a Bavarian style hamburger (pork and beef) on a Kaiser Roll with traditional garnish) with French fries. A thick (half a pound) burger with bacon, onion, lettuce and tomato. We ordered it medium cooked and that’s what we got. It was cooked to perfection, the lettuce had a fresh taste and the French Fries were crispy. The size of the meal was perfect (not Jumbo size), exactly enough for one person.

We also ordered the Breaded Jägerschnitzel (Pork cutlet “Hunter style” topped with creamy mushroom sauce, bacon and onions) with Spätzle (a German noodle) with cranberries. The size of the Jägerschnitzel was as you would get in Germany. It’s a big size piece of meat and it was ok. The bread crust wasn’t as crispy as it should be so that was a little disappointing. The mushroom sauce was delicious although we would have appreciated a little bit more of it. The Spätzle wasn’t all that special. It had a little bit of a cardboard flavour. We’ve had better Jägerschnitzels and Spätzle in Germany. It wasn’t bad and it wouldn’t be a reason not to return to Hofbräuhas Las Vegas but we travel to Germany regularly so we have high expectations when eating German food outside Germany.

Everybody was full after our main courses so we didn’t have much room left for dessert. We decided to order an Apfelstrudel with Vanilla Sauce and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. The Apfelstrudel was absolutely amazing. Very delicious and a reason to wake us up in the middle of the night (yes, it was that good).

Service was average. We didn’t really have a reason to complain but our waitress wasn’t exactly a happy camper. She did her job, she did what she had to do but had to force herself to smile once in a while. No mistakes were made, she kept a close eye on our glasses to get us refills as soon as our glasses were empty. Do we recommend the Hofbräuhaus? Yes, we can still honestly say you can have a nice meal there. Prices are reasonable and the Bavarian atmosphere absolutely adds to the experience.

For more information about Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, visit there website here.


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