Airport Shuttle Service

To shuttle or not to shuttle….
When you arrive at McCarran Airport there are several options to get to your hotel. One of those options is using the Airport Shuttle Service. Group shuttles are an economical way to get from the airport to most major hotel/resorts. While en route, group shuttles make multiple stops at locations along the way. So wether the airport shuttle is your best choice depends on a number of factors.

If you’re American and only traveled a couple of hours to get to Vegas, the shuttle service can be a cheap way to get to your hotel. You’ll pay about $8 a person and when you’re travelling on a budget it’s nice to know you won’t be paying too much for transportation. If you’re travelling alone, the shuttle service is one of the cheapest ways of transportation for sure. If you’re travelling with your partner or spouse there are some things to consider:

  • If you’re staying at the south side of the Las Vegas Strip a cab is going to get you to your hotel faster and it’s not going to cost you more than the shuttle service
  • If you’re staying at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street) the shuttle service is a great economical choice but it’s going to take you quite some time to get to your hotel. Chances are your shuttle will stop at several hotels to drop off other guests so the trip to your hotel could take you up to an hour

We don’t recommend taking the airport shuttle when you’re flying in from outside the USA. You’ve been on a plane way too long to deal with the inconveniences of the shuttle. You want to get to your hotel fast. Take a cab and spend a couple of dollars extra. You’ll be happy you made that choice! Believe us………we’ve been there.


One thought on “Airport Shuttle Service

  1. Lol you guys are so right, last time i went to vegas i was so exchausted that for ten bucks more i ordered a cab


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