Monte Carlo Breakfast Buffet

We have had breakfast at the Monte Carlo Buffet several times. We never paid full price for it. To be honest, we actually haven’t paid for the Monte Carlo breakfast buffet once. We have been able to comp ourselves this breakfast buffet several times through the MyVegas Facebook game. And to be perfectly clear, that’s the only reason we eat at any buffet for breakfast. If we had to pay full price (more than $15 a person) we would not go!  It wouldn’t be worth the money to us. When we’re at home we never have a big breakfast. A light sandwich is usually enough to get us started for the day. Besides the fact we normally don’t eat large breakfasts there are numerous restaurants in Las Vegas where you can have a breakfast for much less than $10 a person. That’s another reason why we would go somewhere else if we had to pay for a breakfast buffet out of our own pocket.

The Monte Carlo Buffet is self service completely. There are no servers bringing you drinks but there are several drink stations where you can get almost anything you like. There are more than enough tables to accommodate the number of visitors they get daily and there are enough staff members walking around cleaning tables. So all in all, the first impression of the Monte Carlo Buffet restaurant is positive.

The Monte Carlo breakfast buffet serves the typical breakfast items you’d expect like bacon, omelets, scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, waffles, breakfast potatoes, french toast, fruits, donuts, brownies, cereals, yoghurts, etc. But you can also find items most people won’t eat for breakfast regularly like fried chicken, steak and pizza.

Most people can’t digest everything at breakfast and we can’t either. So we can’t tell you how all the different food options tasted because we simply didn’t try everything. BUT, the things we did try were good (mostly). To be honest, it’s hard to screw up breakfast items like bacon, scrambled eggs and sausage. So at most buffets, these items are always a safe bet (and they are as well at the Monte Carlo buffet). We tried some of the various sweet donuts. Some of those were perfect, some were a little dry. The fruits were fresh and very juicy. The pizza we tried was ok. Not the kind of quality you get at an authentic Italian pizza place and you really shouldn’t expect that kind of quality. We really liked the chocolate cake. It was sticky, full of flavour and very rich.

Our opinion about the Monte Carlo breakfast buffet: it’s not the fanciest buffet in town but it’s definitely not the worst one either. It’s solid, middle of the road quality food. We were positively surprised with the quality of the food (we weren’t expecting much). There’s more than enough variety to fulfil your breakfast wishes. The buffet restaurant has enough seats and is well maintained. The staff works hard to keep tables clean, you won’t see stacks of dirty dishes at abandoned tables for very long. If you can get a discount through a coupon or fun book (2-for-1 for example) or get this buffet comped through MyVegas: go for it. If it’s worth it to pay full price is up to you and depends on the amount of food you’ll eat and the number of different dishes you’ll try.


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