Winning Real Money on the ReelMONEY Machines
September 2012 is when it happend.
One of our favorite casinos in Las Vegas is New York New York. We like the atmosphere, the party scene and the Michael Jackson impersonator performing there regularly. We really like the ReelMONEY machines. They have a bank of machines located near the escalator going up towards Coyote Ugly.

One night during our September 2012 trip, after a great dinner at Gallagher’s Steakhouse, we decided to play the ReelMONEY machine. The game has 5 progressive jackpots you can win during a bonus game. The bonus game is triggered by getting at least 3 ReelMONEY symbols on the 5 reels. Every reel has a ReelMONEY symbol. The number of ReelMONEY symbols determines how many times the wheel will spins. A ReelMONEY symbol on reel one gives you the chance to win the first progressive, the ReelMONEY symbol on reel two gives you the chance to win the second higher progressive jackpot, etc.

This is a penny machine and naturally you can only win the full progressives playing max credit at $1,50 a spin. You win a progressive jackpot if the bonus wheel stops at a big coloured dot. The colour of the dot matches the colour of one of the 5 progressive jackpots pictured on the left side of the screen.

Now we’ve given you the basic explanation of how the game work, let’s get into how our gambling session went. We have a certain strategy when playing this game. We feed the machine $40 dollars and we start playing different denomnations. We start at $0,90 a spin, move up to $1,20 a spin if we get a couple of nice wins early in the game and move up to $1,50 when the bonus games come frequently. We try to run our $40 up to $100 and then we cash out. Then we start over and insert $40 again and try to do the same thing. We set a gambling budget for the night and as soon as we run out of cash we count the amount we have in TITO bills and cash out. This strategy has kept us playing for hours and hours during several night.

When we walked out of Gallagher’s Steakhouse, very much impressed with our meal, we lookad at eachother and said Reeeeeeeeeeel MONEYYYYYYYYY at the same time. Well, it was clear there was no confusion about which game we were going to play. We sat down and inserted our first $40. We were playing for about 15 minutes and were still close to the $40 we invested. We got some nice prizes so we decided to increase our bet to $1,20 a spin. Within 2 minutes we got our first nice win of $122. We cashed out at $100 dollars and started over with $40 dollars. We played for about 30 minutes going up and down. When we came close to zero we got our second nice win for $155. Again we kept on playing and cashed out at $100.

One of the nice things about New York New York is the drink service in the casino. When sitting at that bank of machines, a cocktail waitress comes by every ten minutes and we ALWAYS order a drink. You never know if she will be back soon (she always comes back after about 10 minutes), her shift might end and service could go down for some time. So, we were enjoying ourselves having some cocktails and turning our first $80 into $200.

We started over again and inserted another $40. We returned to $0,90 a spin, played for about 20 minutes and got another nice prize: 5 diamonds spread out over the 5 reels for a total amount of $153, SWEET! We continued to play and when our balance dropped to $140 we cashed out. Same routine, we inserted $40 but this time we increased our bet to $1,50 a spin. We had a couple of bonus rounds and came close to $100, our win goal. But since we weren’t there completely we continued to play until we were down to our last $10. That’s when we got a nice $102 win (5 blue sevens in a row). We cashed out again at $100.

We had been playing for about 2,5 hours and we were getting tired. We already had a lot of cocktails and started to feel slightly buzzed. We were going to give it one more try with our last $40 and call it quits after that. After going up and down for another 20 minutes (not winning or losing much) we got a bonus round. The wheel spinned 4 times. We won another $181 during this bonus round. A great win and time for us to cash out and get some rest.

We had a wonderful evening, a great dinner followed by hours of play and numerous cocktails. And the best part of it all…….we turned $200 into $640. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happend every night???


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