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It’s pretty easy to get around in Las Vegas. There’s plenty of cabs available and prices are reasonable. Unfortunately some cabbies drive like every day could be their last. They show similarities to WW2 Japanese kamizake pilots.

Every time you take a cab somewhere, it’s potentially an experience on its own. Some cab drivers talk to you constantly, others don’t feel like talking at all. Some are very friendly and some seem to profoundly hate their jobs. Some sincerely thank you when you tip them $5, others will complain you don’t tip enough. And finally, some will take you where you want to go as fast as possible, others will treat you to a scenic drive through half the city to run up the meter, hoping you don’t notice. That brings us to the topic of long hauling. When you arrive at McCarran airport, you’re a potential target for taxicab drivers. One of the first questions (after where do you want to go?) you can expect is: “Is this your first time in Vegas?”. This question should raise some red flags. Why? Because if the taxicab driver knows you’re a Vegas Virgin he can take you the scenic route without you noticing. Result: higher cab fare than necessary and your first loss (and you haven’t even touched the machines yet!).

There’s something you can do to prevent long hauling. The Nevada Taxicab Authority monitors compliance and enforces violations of State and/or federal laws, rules or regulations as it pertains to the Nevada taxicab industry. So when you have the idea you’re being long hauled, write down the permit/license number of the driver (every taxicab driver displays this document visibly on the dashboard of the car) and write down the cab number. Use this information to file a complaint with the Nevada Taxicab Authority. Here’s some useful information coming from the Nevada Taxicab Authority:

Click here to get the approximate minimum rate from McCarran Airport to Downtown and Las Vegas Strip Hotels.

Click here when you were long hauled so you can fill in the Long Route Voluntary Witness Statement.

Click here to get a detailed explanation of how to calculate your cab fare. We found this valuable information on Frias Transportation Management website.


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