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Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Restaurant
By resident reviewer Richard Gans

When you are looking for a nice romantic place to have dinner, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Restaurant is NOT the place to be. This is how the people at Margaritaville Restaurant describe their restaurant: ‘The Margaritaville Restaurant in Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind tropical experience complete with volcano eruptions (of Margaritas). Have a look at their complete menu here.

The Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant is located inside Flamingo Las Vegas. We decided to have dinner there, because of the appeal of the tropical entrance with palm trees. When you enter the restaurant, you have to order a table at the frontdesk of the restaurant. They told us there was about a 30 minutes wait. They gave us a small disk that illuminates when your table is ready. So in the meantime, you get a drink or gamble a little in the casino. After 15 minutes our disk illuminated and buzzed to let us know our table was waiting for us.

We got a table on the main floor in the back of the restaurant. When we walked through the restaurant we immediately saw a large volcano. At the bottum of the volcano there was a huge filled Margarita glass.

The restaurant is decorated with palm trees and has a good vibe. There were clowns making balloon figures for kids & bachelorette parties. We visited in May so it was pretty hot outside. Inside the restaurant it was cold, too cold. Especially compared to other restaurants where we enjoyed a meal. So make sure to bring something to keep you warm.

While having dinner at the Margaritaville Restaurant expect loud live music and other forms of live entertainment provided by the employees. At one moment a beautiful looking lady (what the heck, let’s just call her eye candy) climbed to the top of the volcano and…… Well, I guess you just have to go there and experience it yourself. An idea for your next visit to Vegas maybe?

We ordered a House Sirloin Steak and a Triple Decker Club Sandwich. We enjoyed our meal a lot and the quality of the food was great. Prices are reasonable and for about $60 you can enjoy a meal for two (tip included).

My final comment: I recommend Margaritaville Restaurant if you’re looking for a good meal combined with some light entertainment. BUT don’t forget to bring something to keep you warm, based on our experiences you’ll probably need it.


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