Vinnie Favorito

Vinnie Favorito2Completely F’n Crazy……
(and that’s no lie)

November 2009, during our morning walk down the Las Vegas Strip we were thinking about which show we wanted to see that evening. We stopped at one of the Tix4Tonight booths (at these booths down Las Vegas Boulevard you can buy discounted show tickets) and looked at the TV screens which shows were on sale. We like stand-up comedy and saw VIP-tckets for Vinnie Favorito at the Flamingo. We paid $80 for two VIP tickets and we looked forward to see the show.

We arrived at the Flamingo in time for the show. Our VIP-tickets got us two seats close to the stage. We were seated at the second row and naive as we were, we thought these were great seats. Boy were we wrong! The show started, a short Italian wise guy with dark hair and a New York/Jersey accent comes walking into the showroom. The first person he sees is an elderly lady with styled grey hair. We guessed she was about 80 years old. He looked at her, looked into the showroom and then asked nobody in particular “What the F****, who invited the Golden Girls in here?”. He looked at the elderly lady and she wasn’t really responding to his first remark so then he directed his complete attention to her and said “Sweetheart, turn up the volume of your hearing aid or it’s gonna be long a** night”. Well, that was just the start of the show.

VF1Favorito’s show is completely about interaction with the audience. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t be glad with tickets close to the stage. He’ll approach you during the show, talk to you and in the end verbally rip you apart. His humor is harsh and insultive but that’s what makes it so much fun. He drops the F-bomb a lot and nobody is safe! He makes fun of African-Americans, Mexicans, white trash, Jews, rich people, poor people, the Irish, Italians, EVERYBODY!. He’s as sharp as a knife and he has an answer to anything you say.

The show took about 1,5 hours and we had a lot of fun. At the end of the show Vinnie gave one of the people in the showroom a cd with a live recording of the show. It was no coincidence this man got the cd. He had been attacked by Vinnie the most and the longest that evening. We had a wonderful night and if you like harsh comedy and don’t mind to be insulted, you’ll love this show as well.

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