Las Vegas Sign

Header Welcome to LV

Welcome to Las Vegas sign
5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Just south of Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Free attraction for a picture perfect moment

The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is one of the iconic Las Vegas landmarks you have to visit at least once. It was built in 1959 and designed by Betty Willis. Most people consider the sign to be the official southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. In reality it’s located about 4 miles south of the actual city limits. It’s located within walking distance from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino but if you don’t feel like walking, there’s a parking lot in the median of Las Vegas Boulevard which provides 10 parking spaces.

The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is a tourist hot spot and perfect for taking pictures. Hey, you want to show your friends and family some proof that you’ve been in Vegas right? Take one normal picture to put in a frame and give it a nice spot somewhere in your home. Take a completely wacky picture as well and show this one to your friends and show them the evidence of the great time you had in Vegas.

The sign also is a perfect location for wedding pictures. Newlyweds visit the sign every day for their special wedding picture. Hundreds of people visit the sign every day, there’s even a webcam directed at the sign. It provides streaming live footage of the sign 24/7. If you would like to take a look, please click here.

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign                     Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

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